Life on Forbez
Life on Forbez

- None recorded

- Unicorn Jelly - Uni and Kaywai-Kun are having a soft drink together in a bar on Forbez! 20-10-2000
- Tang's Weekly Comic - Diana 03 has a job in Mall Security on the planet of Forbez! 21-10-2000
- Diesel Sweeties - Clango visits the Mall... and becomes the center of female metallic attention! 23-10-2000

Life on Forbez cameos/references can be found in:
- Tang's Weekly Comic - Phenix gets an oddly shaped surprise when having an interview with Mrs. Nok! 15-10-2000
- RPG World - Par seems to have stopped by in the town where people are just passing through! 14-01-2001
- Sea of Insanity - A white shirt and a mask with antennas, and you got a Mrs. Nok for the party! 27-10-2001
- Blotto Street - Par has been given his own T-shirt to get his face on! 03-12-2000
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Mrs. Nok guest visits as cooking show hostess....but SHE is heating up! 11-03-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Nok is the cooking expert in the special edition of Sunday Morning Coffee! 08-04-2001

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