Forces of Good and Evil
Forces of Good and Evil

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- Cortland - In this upcoming storyline we will have Cortland facing the perils of webcomics past! 26-06-2017
- Netrek - VanaRo might be a "witch for hire", but now she has been hired for this upcoming storyline! 26-06-2017
- Super University for College Kids - Looks like the upcoming storyline here will feature the crew of Super U! 26-06-2017
- The Adv. of Seth and Murphy - Cover for the upcoming storyline showvcases none other than both Seth and Murphy! 26-06-2017
- Cortland - Mark is going to meet Fate... literally... as well as his companions! 14-07-2017
- Elf Only Inn - Looks like Lord Elf has moved both Elf Only Inn and his squabbles into the world of MUDrix! 01-09-2017
- Broccoli Top - Looks like Jay Burst and Davey have come out of hiding to help out at the RenFaire storyline! 02-11-2018
- Elf Only Inn - The offline versions of Duke and Nimoy are having a day out, watching the jousting at the Ren-Faire! 29-06-2020
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - Looks like Miss Harper has been drafted to judge the competitions! 22-05-2020
- Elf Only Inn - Real life April and Megan unsuspectingly pass their friends Duke and Nimoy in offline forms! 04-09-2020

Forces of Good and Evil cameos/references can be found in:
- Alternate Delusions - Game Boy fights on one team in this match of the Green Lantern recruits! 23-09-2006
- The Mansion of E - The FoGaE-gang is going carolling, but sanity appears to be in another castle! 13-01-2013

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