For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only

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- The Wotch - On one of the room's walls, we spot a poster with the Wotch and her friends! 20-06-2007
- Drowtales - A poster heralding the magic to be found in the realms of the Drow can be seen on the wall! 20-06-2007
- Girly - A popular Girly poster adorns the wall... and then there's always Chupacabre! 04-08-2007
- Our Home Planet - A poster with Pepito as the fool is up on one of Nosh's walls! 04-08-2007
- Spirit Academy - On the wall in the background we see one of the precious posters from Spirit Academy! 12-10-2007
- Wolf - An awesome poster heralds the coming of the new blockbuster, Wolf the Movie! 11-01-2008
- Vindibudd - Vindibudd has become so famous in name that shops are copycatting it! 11-01-2008
- Lovemagic - Tracy is the poor girl that must lend her back to the flailings of April! 11-01-2008
- Vindibudd - Trying out various forms of costumes, April suddenly ends up as a Vindibudd cosplay! 14-01-2008
- Grog - Captain Ridley seems really disappointed of the fact that the sword is made of plastic! 16-01-2008
- Spirit Academy - Alex and Maya are visting the Party City costume shop to see what the might find there! 16-01-2008
- Girly - Winter and Otra stares in shock at Nosh's sudden fiery eyes! 28-01-2008
- Fullmoon Stories - Is it just me, or does the rhyming narrator look familiar and out of place? 03-02-2008
- Girl Genius - None other than Agatha Heterodyne is taking this class... and doing good it seems! 21-05-2008
- Unlife is Unfair - In the back of class with notice Amelius, happily working on her assignment! 21-05-2008
- Our Home Planet - Ami turns around to see what all the screaming in class is about! 24-05-2008
- Ace of Abra - Though in front of tbe class, Ace needs to see whats going on in the back! 24-05-2008
- Ardra - That Nosh is working in Starsucks AND is intelligent surprises Ardra and the kids! 05-09-2008
- El Goonish Shive - Tedd playing around as a girl makes Grace try and do fanservice stuff! 15-10-2008
- Exiern - Hmm... it might just be called fanservice, but a lot would probably love to help Peonie out! 15-10-2008
- Unlife is Unfair - Interesting that Fernando's undead energy finally got him tied up for good! 07-02-2009
- Scarecrow Lullaby - Sareana wasn't the one they were looking for, so she got tied up and stucked away! 07-02-2009
- Least I Could Do - When you are a girl you are pretty much better off with Rayne tied up GOOD! 07-02-2009
- Hero By Night - When damsels are in distress, who will come to the rescue? Hero By Night perhaps? 19-06-2009
- Vindibudd - Vinidbudd and General Safety appear on the scene by chance, spotting a needed saving! 19-06-2009

For Your Eyes Only cameos/references can be found in:
- Pr0nCrest - Sanny and Nosh helps out with making the annuarly Angel in Snow picture! MA content warning!31-12-2007
- Magiversity - Nosh and Sanny didn't do all to well in the test in the class at Magiversity! 18-02-2008
- B4 Pr0nCrest - Looks like we have Sanny & Nosh talking things out in the first panel! MA content warning!17-01-2008
- M. Organ Art - Gloria is not late to use a beach visit for a personal showoff... and who will complain? MA content warning!05-07-2009
- Hypershooter - Nosh and April stick their heads in from the left to see what the strip is all about! 11-07-2009
- M. Organ Art - "Total Hunk"... now thats a shirt straight from the FYEO dressline! MA content warning!17-08-2009

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