Frankenstein Superstar
Frankenstein Superstar

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- The Hero Business - Else seems to do a little work on the side for Hero Business... with distractions! 11-04-2011
- Scapula - And here we have the villain of the day, Scapula making safe from the sky! 13-11-2011
- The Hero Business - Frankie is offered an opportunity... an opportunity in the market of Superheroes! 24-11-2011
- The Hero Business - Trying to make Frankie a superhero, he and Elsa visits... The Hero Business! 31-12-2011
- Stripped Comics - Looks like the Badger is doing a little work on the side doing maintenance in the hero business! 02-02-2012
- Z & G - Looks like Zech is really rehearsing his next stunt... just wonder what his role is? 05-03-2012
- Stripped Comics - Is that The Slug rehearsing before an important job? Or a Child Birthday Party? 05-03-2012
- Lethargic Lad - The news of the lack of Frankenstein in the movie does not sit well with Walrus-Kid! 05-03-2012
- Spooky Doofus - Esteban Chupacabra is giving his best shot fn the rehearsing for... a Bar Mitzvah? 05-03-2012
- Super Vamp - Oh the horror for Super Vamp, they won't have a Frankenstein for their production! 05-03-2012
- Tales of the Emerald Yeti - Incredo-Lass swoops in to give Frankenstein proper punishment for his deeds! 18-05-2012
- Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess - Mega Maiden is ready to kick in Frankensteins booty! 18-05-2012
- The Adventures of Gyno-Star - Gyno-Star leads the retaliation mission against Frankenstein! 18-05-2012
- Pulse - Powered up, Pulse flies in to take care of Frankenstein and teach him a lesson! 18-05-2012
- Mallville Rules - Jumping into the chase, Kitty VonKat is ready to get on Frankensteins trail! 18-05-2012
- Magellan - May finds out that latching on to Frankensteins mind is quite a slippery task! 18-05-2012
- League of Super Redundant Heroes - For once the distracting powers of Distractella are... rebundant! 18-05-2012
- Wonderella - Laid back and in style, Wonderella puts her foot down for the fleeing Frankenstein! 18-05-2012
- Awesome Storm Justice 41 - Bumble Bee takes on Frankenstein in a manner not... all against his liking! 09-06-2012
- The SuperFogeys - Spy Gal suveyes the Frankenstain retlaliation with a wry comment! 09-06-2012
- Magellan - Fatima gets a good tentacles grib on Frankenstein once brought down! 09-06-2012
- SnowBuni at Ice Station Xenon - SnowBuni helps bringing Frankenstein down... and keeping him gently down! 09-06-2012
- Spinnerette - Looks like Greta Gravity is up for unspeakable shenanigans in Frankensteins dream! 09-06-2012
- Super Temps - Interesting Frankenstein daydream where Skull Girl has tied Elsa up! 09-06-2012
- Blonde Marvel - On yes, Blonde Marvel knows how to defuse a heated situation with lots of ice cream! 09-06-2012
- Narbonic - This Helen Narbon adorning the wall looks more evil and sinister than ever! 07-08-2012
- Stripped Comics - Doctor Bananehosen has been appointed a part of the infamous rogue gallery on the wall! 07-08-2012
- Hooray for the Bad Guy - Whenever you have a lineup of bad guys you MUST have Lord Bad Guy among them! 07-08-2012
- Awesome Storm Justice 41 - Dennis Dennis III made it so far as a villain that he was awarded a spot in the gallery! 07-08-2012
- Evil Inc. - Off course Evil Atom should have a place in the Gallery of Evil, he is a business man after all! 07-08-2012
- Captain Ahole - Captain A(ss)hole has been brought in to lure Frankenstein into a supervillain plot! 03-06-2013
- Villain - Hazard is one of the villains which in this case is thought as being the real heroes by the Captain! 03-06-2013
- Nimona - Nimona is one of the examples of "Real Heroes" that the Captain comes up with! 03-06-2013
- PvP Online - Scratch Fury in all his villaineous attire is brought up as an example to Frankenstein! 03-06-2013
- Scapula - Hypnausea has made it pretty big in the world of villains and are used as an example here! 03-06-2013
- Evil Inc. - Sasquash has been leased out as one of the Captain's examples of "Real Heroes"...! 03-06-2013
- SuperFogeys - Dictator Tot is an interesting example of how villains can be the ones running the story! 03-06-2013
- Dylan McVillain - Dylan McVillain still has a way to go, but he serves nicely as an example in this case! 03-06-2013

Frankenstein Superstar cameos/references can be found in:
- The Hero Business - Few knew that Frankie took part in that movie, but the poster does not lie! 05-01-2012
- Mallville Rules - Kitty should know better than cosplay Star Trek when Frankenstein is around! GueststripGuest Strip 9
- Blonde Marvel - Setting Frankenstein at the Blonde Marvel was not the best idea... he is a man after all! MA content warning!10-09-2012

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