Frank and Vinny
Frank and Vinny

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- The Zoo at Home - Donaque seems obset about the idea that this would be a 100 comic cameocomic! 20-11-2007
- The Unitary Authority of Ersatz - Wigwam and Kip is obviously obset about the blatant idea! 20-11-2007
- Laughing Out Loud Zombies - Pancakes show up to NOT celebrate 100 strips cameostyle! 20-11-2007
- Goosetown and Lunchbreak - Lunchbreak comes by just to go against general cameocomics! 20-11-2007
- Zorphbert & Fred - Zorphbert seems to be against cameocomic strips... on principle! 20-11-2007
- Mac AHoles - Stands to reason that Dan would show up to complain about something! 20-11-2007
- Antcomics - Funny that Adam Ant should be against using cameos to celebrate ones 100th strip! 20-11-2007
- Dreams of 1337ness - Both Genesis and Fayt are pretty much against the overuse of cameos! 20-11-2007
- Bobby Monos Crappy Comics - Using cameos to celebrate the 100th strip? Bobby Mono is against it! 20-11-2007
- Hukkah! - So... Bobsleigh Goldberg shows up just to complain about random characters showing up? 20-11-2007
- CDLM - Derricco has an opinion about artists using others characters to promote their 100th strip! 20-11-2007
- Raw Fish - Looks like Melvin has shown up late for the 100 strip "celebration" ! 20-11-2007
- [blood/hound] - Blood/hound makes a somewhat late and messy appearance in the end! 20-11-2007
- 2's A Company - Mr. Goldstein is the "lucky" one to become part of the demonstration! 06-02-2008
- Antcomics - A hungry Marco appearing makes it hard for Frank and Vinny to do their jobs! 11-02-2008
- Naive - Well, all in all you got to admit that he was a little... Naive! 15-02-2008
- Guy In A Dinosaur Costume - That's one of the cutest images I think you can get on your phone... aaaw! 20-02-2008
- Raw Fish - If you buy raw fish from the shop you get a keychain with... Raw Fish! 22-02-2008
- John Clyde, the Nature Guide - John goes down to a horrible demise under Twinkle the Faerie's claws! 21-03-2008
- A Roll of the Dice - Now look who has put his mark on the plans for world domination! 21-03-2008

Frank and Vinny cameos/references can be found in:
- Antcomics - Frank and Vinny received their task of providing decorations with mixed feelings! 19-11-2007
- Wonderbrain - No, the disturbance wasn't due to Vinny this time... just MangoFlush considering a haircut! 04-01-2008
- Goosetown and Lunch Break - One of the movies showing today, is the Awesome Frank and Vinny! 07-01-2008
- Life as told by Rutger - Looks like somebody found something that can really hurt Vinny's feelings! 18-01-2008
- Antcomics - Looks like Frank and Vinny do community service as bowling balls this week! 29-01-2008
- Crossing Death - Looks like Frank and Vinny has not only become statues, but acceptable art too! 26-03-2008
- Insanity of Xade - It may be by accident, but the stick-figure of Vinny is cameoed in the background! 04-06-2008
- Antcomics - Frank and Vinny, two people who rarely miss out on a celebration! 28-07-2008

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Guy In A Dinosaur Costume - As a "reward" for making a great comic, Bocaj is featured in Frank and Vinny! 12-03-2008

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