Freighter Tails
Freighter Tails

- None recorded

- None recorded

Freighter Tails cameos/references can be found in:
- Suburban Jungle - Tiffarella reports to her supreme commander, Admiral Mzzkiti! Gueststrip31-07-2002
- Freefall - A poster lying on the machinery shows a less flattering image of Mzzkiti! 12-08-2002
- Suburban Jungle - No tentacles come close to THIS girl unharmed! 20-09-2003
- The Legend of Anne Bunny - Seems like this seedy place has Mzzkiti serving the drinks! 20-04-2005
- Freefall - Another poster on the wall hosts an alluring image of Mzzkiti! 04-05-2005
- Carry On - So Fern Rougebec is the one playing Mzzkiti on the show Freighter Tales? Interesting! 06-03-2009
- Carry On - Mzzkiti has been idle for long, but having a hair napped from portal does snap her out of it! 29-05-2013

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