Full Frontal Nerdity
Full Frontal Nerdity

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- What's New? - The dream of Sex and D&D will always live on... just not with THOSE sacrifices! 28-05-2003
- What's New? - They did, in the end, actually print the Sex and D&D-strip... at least on the online site! 02-05-2007
- What's New? - So, did Phil & Dixie really also have a conclusion for a comic in that magazine too? 01-04-2009
- Girl Genius - Yeah, a game with that concept would look much like a Girl Genius MMO... and be awesome! 30-08-2011
- Girl Genius - You are one hell of a hardcore steampunk flying cosplayer when your beltbuckle is the Heterodyne Trilobite! 03-01-2017

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