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- None recorded

Furmentation cameos/references can be found in:
- Nothing Special - For the Halloween, we got both the Ghost Hamster and Dracula Hamster to show up! 31-10-2003
- Peacekeepers - Furmentation the Movie is coming soon? That's one I wouldn't want to miss! 14-07-2004
- Meet The Dweebles - Well, a mutated armed hamster COULD be a sign of a cameo...! 05-08-2004
- Sawdust - Yes, every Human should save innocence... unfortunately this hamster is not Humans! 06-08-2004
- Brothers Forever - Off course those hamsters are vicious! They come from Furmentation! 18-08-2004
- The Mansion of E - A tribbletongued Hamster? Now thats a really rare acquisition! 12-09-2004
- The Losers - When you are an anonymous talking pirate hamster you don't need other lines! 19-09-2004
- Nothing Special - When you make plushies, there's no way you can avoid doing one of Corey! 02-02-2005
- Nothing Special - Lori has sneaked in among the spectators to the great event! 06-05-2005
- Nothing Special - Xodin shows up, obviously happy with how the farewll-celebration is going! 16-05-2005

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