Gaming Guardians
Gaming Guardians

- Supermegatopia - The GG's and Supermegatopia heroes team up against the Ragnaraccoon! Starting: 02-01-2002

- Dungeons & Denizens - Among the many screens Radical supervises, one is showing the grinning face of Yebor! 18-01-2012

Gaming Guardians cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Irving Krillen has dressed up in a pajamas as a somewhat misplaced Graveyard Greg! 31-10-2003
- Carpe Diem - Sounds like the friends are watching the latest Gaming Guardians episode on TV! 05-05-2004
- BoomerExpress - Graveyard Greg and EDG flees from a surprised Dragon in this filler! 05-07-2004
- 2 Way Mirror - Looks like either Anissa or Melissa owns a poster with the Gaming Guardians! 30-11-2004
- 2 Way Mirror - Vengeful Spirit Adam has his villain smile-off aginst the Scarlet Jester! 02-03-2005
- Evil Overlords United - The EO's have targeted a screen on Gaming Guardians and a charging Angus! 13-03-2007
- Dungeons & Denizens - Seems like the long hiatus of Angus left him open to capture by inter-comic slavers...! 05-03-2009
- DMFA - A Graveyard Greg image is used to give some soul-scaring praise! #563
- Deathworld - Guess a Killbot convention is exactly where EDG would find himself at home! Strip 268
- Fans - Looks like Graveyard Greg has signed up for the Science Fiction Club! Archived locallyStrip 665

Graveyard Greg & Web Troll cameos/references:
- Digital War - Graveyard Greg is one the Webcomic Artist Cult who wants to assimilate you! 10-06-2005

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