- None recorded

- PvP Online - Is Brent a social retads that has never seen a girl? Perhaps he was once...! 17-04-2007
- Something Positive - Well, there was a time when Mike WAS one of those... indeed he was! 17-04-2007
- Applegeeks - Naah... Hawk does not JUST react like that when he sees a girl... but close! 17-04-2007
- Go-Bee - When you line up the greatest superheroes of the net, Go-Bee is off course among them! 25-05-2007
- The Green Avenger - I call it a BONUS of parallel universes that you can get TWO Green Avengers! 25-05-2007
- PostHuman - The latest issue of Masque Magazine show the sexy Gryphon on the front cover! 26-12-2007
- Mindmistress - Looks like this issue of Masque Magazine contains an interview with Mindmistress! 09-07-2008
- Dasien - Dasien makes the front cover and most of the headlines in this issue of Masque Magazine! 17-07-2008

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