Goodbye Cruel World
Goodbye Cruel World

- None recorded

- Sinfest - GCW deals with its competition... and there will be crowded in Sinfest heaven! 08-02-2001
- Road Waffles - Even though GCW tries to get rid of Road Waffles, the speechballoons save them! 08-02-2001
- Living in Greytown - So thats the way GCW wants to get rid of Living in Greytown? 08-02-2001
- Penny Arcade - If a cartoon turns out to be worse than PA, how bad can it then be? 18-04-2001
- Bob the Angry Flower - There's a picture of Bob on the wall in the office... smiling!? 18-04-2001
- Living in Greytown - Phil the Devil helps get the infernal musical to a spectacular ending! 19-08-2001

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