Geist Panik!
Geist Panik

- None recorded

- Questionable Content - Looks like this world has some nice soft Pintsize teddys you can have lying around! Strip 009
- Sister Claire - Looks like Meat has a soft spot as shown in his Sister Claire doll situated in his office! Strip 056
- Real Life - Zombie Greg shuffles about until taken out by a head shot... real zombielike! Strip 054
- Penny Arcade - Zombie Tycho knows that destruction is imminent and flees from the incoming van! Strip 054

Geist Panik cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Something Positive - This looks to be the cemetary in which Randy Milholland is buried! Strip 003
- Scary Go Round - Looks like John Allison finally passed away and was even given a tombstone on the grave! Strip 003
- Wonderella - Justin Pierce got a nice spot and a tombstone all to himself in this graveyard! Strip 003
- Horribleville - Rest In Peace K.C. Green, you have done enough for now! Strip 051
- Questionable Content - Beneath this tombstone lies the bones of Jeph Jacques! Strip 051
- Dr. McNinja - Death caugh up with Chris Hastings, now he lies in this ancient cemetary! Strip 051
- Paradox Lost - Dave Lister have been granted a tombtstone all for himself in the graveyard! Strip 051
- xkcd - His life may have been in sticks, but in death Randall Munroe do get a stone! Strip 051
- Snafu - There's room for everyone in the cemetary, also for David Stanworth it seems! Strip 051
- VG Cats - There will be no more VG Cats, Scott Ramsoomair now rest in this graveyard! Strip 051
- Real Life - At least Greg Dean got a tombstone when Real Life finally wore him out! Strip 051
- Applegeeks - Ananth Panagariya should rest in peace, but now he is being summoned! Strip 051

Brian Wilson cameos/references:
- Blue and Blond - Chris Ocampo is the one who gets the honor of feeding Brian Wilson to the sharks! 05-12-2008
- Zang ONE - Brian Wilson does as promised and gives Zang ONE what ther readers want to see! 05-12-2008

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