- None recorded

- Salt The Holly - Little did Lia know that she would get TWO parts in the show! 06-12-2008
- The Mighty Warlord - With a smirk, Fred enjoys and explains the tablou at the science fair! 06-12-2008
- Salt The Holly - Always nice to the animals, Daisy is adopting away retired lab animals! 21-09-2009
- Times Like This - Cassie may be great on nanobots, but... sometimes size DOES matter! 28-09-2009

Gelotology cameos/references can be found in:
- Times Like This - At Nanocon 2009 Becky and Dave gets to talk a little nanotechnology with Cassie! 15-05-2009
- Astronomalies - So, the Gelotology logo can boast at being the first advertising in space! 03-06-2010
- Astronomalies - Figures that Gelotology would step in to defend the case of Pluto! 18-06-2010

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