- None recorded

- Scarecrow Lullaby - Guess Sareana is one of the only persons who would run AWAY from a horny Moogi! 06-04-2009
- Villain Next Door - Looks like Argon had a good time at Kaley's, he left her a signed photo even! 15-05-2009
- Times Like This - Off course Cassie has time to do a little... shopping of her own ;-) 25-12-2009
- Scarecrow Lullaby - Moogi once again encounter Sareana and happily goes straight for the "kill"! 19-03-2010
- D.D.S.R. - Looks like Jay is just right for Hyu's taste... enough to invite Moogi along! 15-06-2011
- Villain Next Door - Kaley is having a very... close talk to Dr. Argon... not totally to Bane's liking! 26-09-2011
- Questionable Content - Questionable Contenst has been one of the sources of inspiration for Kate's Geminni! 01-11-2011
- Girls with Slingshots - GWS is one of the inspiration sources Kate has had for her work on the webcomic Geminni! 01-11-2011

Geminni cameos/references can be found in:
- Times Like This - Geminni is one of the webcomic Cassie has just found and want to show off to others! 21-11-2008
- Scarecrow Lullaby - Adorning the wall is a poster that can only come from the one and only Geminni! 21-02-2009
- Times Like This - Kaly and the kids are also at this con, and at least one gets what he wanted! 10-03-2009
- Boobs Ahoy! - Moogi visits our pirates and quickly gets shown the Captain's quarters! MA content warning!30-05-2009
- Scarecrow Lullaby - Moogi smells the traces of Sareana on passing Tevy, and the huntress kicks in! 03-07-2010

Kate Fazekas cameos/references:
- Times Like This - Kate knows something about dinosaurs, so she becomes the inspiration for Kaylie! 27-05-2010

Hogan's Notes:

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