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- VG Cats - Dave guest appears from VG Cats but is baffled by the subject of Bleh! 21-03-2009
- Allan - Typical, for his own guest comic, Allan is beaten up but the hamburglar escapes! 29-03-2009
- VG Cats - When ghosts are running the bubble factory, who are you going to call? The VG-Crew! 27-06-2009
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Thanatos is the "lucky" photographer who gets to take photos of the carnage! 07-08-2009
- Penny Arcade - Looks like this turn of the Wheel of Fate in the game was a surprise for Gabe! 15-08-2009
- VG Cats - Screaming Puppet Psy likes VGcats... so all is well in the world! 04-03-2011

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