Girls with Slingshots
Girls with Slingshots

- Something Positive - The wedding is about to start, crazyness already arriving... Davan too off course! 03-09-2009

- PvP Online - The kid in the background is wearing a PvP-sponsored 'Han Shot First' shirt! 19-05-2005
- PvP Online - Looks like Maureen has just missed one of this year's largest webcomic events! 28-08-2007
- Something Positive - As already recorded, Davan and Vanessa stopped by the wedding blog! 22-07-2009
- Homestar Runner - Looks like Zack was about to make a whole new rating as Homestar Runner there! 02-11-2009
- All New Issues - Heeey! Isn't that Robyn who is hanging around at Hazel's christmas party? 21-12-2009
- All New Issues - Robyn makes a surprise visit at Hazel, stopping by to "save" a little kitten? 06-10-2010
- Shortpacked! - Looks like someone has dropped off an... interesting transforming tool! Gueststrip07-12-2010
- Something Positive - Davan keeps wondering where all the white hair on Choo-Choo comes from, but we know! 24-12-2012

Girls with Slingshots cameos/references can be found in:
- The Devils Panties - And who has we here to Jennie's delight? That's a giant McPedro! 10-05-2006
- Silver Rage - Hazel shows up as Robyn's cousin, with Jamie tagging along! 10-07-2006
- P.U.C.K - Well, Hazel might look too young... but she has Jamie's to help her through! 25-09-2006
- Silver Rage - Okay, she's right... McPedro isn't exactly a fitting name for a Velociwatcher! 29-09-2006
- America Jr. - In the pot far out to the left, we can just about spot a diminutive McPedro! Gueststrip30-09-2006
- Mangled Stare - Jamie appears for party... with Hazel and McPedro following for an extended stay! 24-10-2006
- Pixel Pandemonium - Looks like both McPedro and his... girlfriend? has been brough along on the Ark! 18-01-2007
- Synaptic Misfiring - When you feel the world is against you... go drinking as Hazel and Jamie do! 19-01-2007
- Girl Genius - Somebody has put up a little warning about girls with slingshots in the area! 19-03-2007
- Weregeek - Heeey! That looks to be one genuine mechanical McPedro there on the shelf! 13-07-2007
- Butternutsquash - Some characters meet up and make out, some are just... not ment to be! Gueststrip07-02-2008
- Least I Could Do - There's no doubt about it being McPedro on the table in the background! 05-05-2008
- Least I Could Do - Jamie and Hazel do not fall for Rayne's melon salespitch for a threesome! 26-05-2008
- Capes-N-Babes - Looks like Roy just about managed to sneak some clothes from McPedro and hide out! 23-07-2008
- Times Like This - Do we really have to wait until 2014 before GWS the movie comes out? 21-08-2008
- No Pink Ponies - No wonder Hazel is greatly enjoying the stripshow of the Flying Mouse Man! 21-12-2008
- Capes-N-Babes - I think Jameson is allowed to be a bit virtual sarcastic at this point when a banner is brought forth! 05-01-2009
- The PC Weenies - Thats one large hot mug... fitting it is embedded with a picture of McPedro! 28-01-2009
- Silver Age - Hazel can take a lot on a date, but perhaps Tim got too weird on her this time...! 31-01-2009
- Least I Could Do - If Rayne has found Hazel to be on his own wavelength, it's time to fear Ragnarok! 02-04-2009
- Questionable Content - Both Hazel and Jamie has shown up to get a piece of the fun going around! 27-04-2009
- Something Positive - What to do when people from other comics marry... mess with their wedding book! 17-07-2009
- Misfits of Mischief - Wearing his GWS shirt, Monroe falls for the luring offer of the real estate dealer! 02-09-2009
- Everyday Heroes - One giant McPedro-figure stands on the desk in the Arcade, grinning... as usual! 23-10-2009
- DAR - Jamie and Hazel keep a stern eye on the cheese-thief in the pizza-bar! 27-10-2009
- Capes-N-Babes - Say, I didn't know Jami and Hazel did star in Zombie Tramps from Planet X? 30-10-2009
- Hello With Cheese - Whereelse would Batman go for a drink? At the bar Angel serves off course! 02-12-2009
- Legend of Bill - Wonder if this is just a McPedro dummy, or the real one just undercover? 07-01-2010
- Sister Claire - Thea sticks her head in to share a smile with everybody on Valentines Day! 14-02-2010
- Shortpacked! - Jamie and Hazel looks to be out for a cup of coffee... Hazel looks disturbed! 12-03-2010
- Something Positive - Damn... it could have been interesting to see Davan run into Candy again...especially here! 10-05-2010
- All New Issues - Getting catnews from her aunt, Robyn gets disturbing thoughts and rushes to the rescue! 09-09-2010
- The Whiteboard - TWB takes a page out of the GWS-book and arranges for an "Ask the Characters Week"! 09-11-2010
- All New Issues - Jason and Robyn hitch a cabride home with none other than Zach! 15-02-2011
- Living With Insanity - What can I say? Thea starring in THAT movie would really make a hit! 15-03-2011
- Something Positive - Not surprisingly Candy will, in the far future, work at Nerderotica... a step up or down? 29-09-2011
- Geminni - GWS is one of the inspiration sources Kate has had for her work on the webcomic Geminni! 01-11-2011
- Questionable Content - Looks like McPedro made it best in the trio's boozing trip to Mexico! 17-01-2012
- Times Like This - Cassie got Crotch Stars! Crotch Stars Courtesy of the GWS Corsetto Corporation! 12-04-2012
- Quantum Vibe - Looks like Angel has found a new job in this farflung alternate future! 14-05-2012
- Something Positive - The title of the arcade game begins with "Girls"... and there's bound to be slingshots attached! 04-06-2012
- Something Positive - If that one is looking for Romance Detectives, somebody better warn Jamie! 31-07-2012
- Times Like This - Mimi & Thea are also out looking on wedding dresses.. wonder who'll wear white? 21-01-2013
- Let's Ask Violet - Violet really gets a challenge when she must advice Hazel and Jamie about a superhero career! 28-01-2013
- Something Positive - Hazel seems shocked finally realizing what made the servers of Blind Ferret go down! 30-01-2013
- Something Positive - Davan obviously decided to invite Candy to his wedding... which she really can't understand! 11-06-2013
- Bonnie N. Collide - Looks like the one greeting from the rival team is none other than Mimi Massacre! 26-07-2013
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Hazel and Guenevere should have known better than starting to drink without Jamie! 11-08-2013
- Curvy - Looks like someone has taken to wearing a nice form-fitting McPedro shirt! MA content warning!22-11-2014
- anti-HEROES - "The glare of Darkhearth's Drunken Spawn"... is that the McPedro puppet here we are talking about? 08-05-2015
- Something Positive - Could that be why nobody has seen McPedro for some time? He has been caught by a Hoarder! 16-06-2015
- Times Like This - Well, I think Agent Scott would have made a nice McPedro for Halloween! 29-10-2015
- Wonderland Hates You - The McPedro figure is a classic, so off course this shop carries one! 21-03-2016
- Raven's Dojo - Girls With Slingshots, and McPedro in his Final Form, coming in to join the fight! MA content warning!26-09-2019
- Sex Protectress - A bearded dildo? There's only one place that one can have come from! MA content warning!31-03-2021
- NewGirl - Gotta be Hazel who's jumped behind the desk, watching the robber in amazement! Page 221

Danielle Corsetto cameos/references:
- The Devils Panties - That can't possibly be Danielle Corsetto! She would never say something like that! 11-05-2006
- Rhymes With Witch - Mmmm... Danielle WOULD look good in a bikini in a calender! 09-07-2008
- Capes-N-Babes - Being mistaken for Terry Moore allows Danielle to show off her Slingshot part! 25-07-2008
- In the Puddle - Danielle's Do-Rag story has a lot to answer to... Jamie for once would like a word! 14-08-2008
- Capes-N-Babes - Nothing says Love from Danielle Corsetto as a written restraining order! 26-09-2008
- Something Positive - Randy proves that he can still get Danielle when he wants... wackyness to follow! 28-12-2009
- Something Positive - Danielle and Randy discover that not all memories, especially not childhood ones, are real! 01-01-2010
- Something Positive - Looks like Danielle Corsetto is a part of the venture behind the new building! 26-01-2011
- Something Positive - You may blink twice if you find a shuffling Danielle Corsetto going through your trash! 20-02-2012

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