- None recorded

- Something Positive - Marshmellow Kitty vs. Choo-Choo... and the loser is: Planet Earth! 19-04-2002
- Wigu - On the bench behind the old lady, we find a poster advertising for Topatoco! #413

Girly cameos/references can be found in:
- FusionD - A picture of a slightly puzzled Wendy adorns the wall! 27-09-2002
- The Lounge - When Girly meets The Lounge there's some... interesting changes in the couplings! Gueststrip26-07-2004
- Candi - Obviously Trevor is a reader of Girly! He sneakpeeks the comic during work! 03-01-2005
- Candi - Cute and wondering, that's what Little Winter could have been! 29-06-2005
- Crap I Drew On My Lunchbreak - Perhaps the Marshmallow Kitty can do a little cheering up? 04-08-2005
- Plugged Nickel - Misty is all done up for Halloween to look like Otra! 31-10-2005
- U.F.O - Marshmallow kitties for sale? Who would NOT want one of those? 23-12-2005
- The Green Avenger - Winter looks existed about the superhero action taking place... Otra less so! 02-01-2006
- Conscrew - You don't have to be a lesbian to read Girly... but it helps! 16-01-2006
- GreyMatters - As part of the montage, Rene is at one point dressed up as Otra! 06-02-2006
- Antihero for Hire - Its a bad idea when you burst in where Captain Fist is waiting in a queue! Gueststrip12-04-2006
- U.F.O - Seems like there has a nice sale of the O-shirt, because there's another one! 25-07-2006
- The KAMics - ... is that going to be the fate of the Marshmellow Kitty? Being made into a snack!? 30-08-2006
- Life of Lars - When you don't have a parrot as a pirate, try using a Marshmellow Kitty on your shoulder! 19-09-2006
- Mad About U - You can wonder why a female Vet show up a the Doomsday Ball Championship? 08-12-2006
- Something Positive - The vending machine is selling products associated with Marshmellow Kitty! 01-04-2007
- Impy & Aevy - The strange performance in front of her is enough to keep Collete speechless! 06-04-2007
- For Your Eyes Only - A popular Girly poster adorns the wall... and then there's always Chupacabre! 04-08-2007
- For Your Eyes Only - Winter and Otra stares in shock at Nosh's sudden fiery eyes! 28-01-2008
- Everyday Heroes - Quite by accident Jane got at Girly-themed shirt... in a way she obviously didn't like! 23-08-2008
- Gunnerkrigg Court - No giant pile of plushies should be without a small plushie of Marshmellow Kitty! 10-10-2008
- Femmegasm - A cute little figure of Winter is a part of the figure-collection on Pembroke's shelf! 06-11-2008
- Times Like This - Girly seems to be some of the stuff Bethany is into, webcomicwise ! 21-11-2008
- Evil Overlords United - Zworgue spots shadows from Girly, and he spots an opening for a dimensional jump! 25-07-2009
- Sandra on the Rocks - Looks like Alex was such a great fan of the late Girly comic that he still wears the shirt! 18-10-2013

Jackie "Josh" Lesnick cameos/references:
- FusionD - Josh Lesnick is very pleased with the turn the stripping is taking! 12-09-2001
- FusionD - Finally Josh, the manager of Limbo is revealed as...Josh Lesnick! 25-10-2002
- Cortland - Josh has been given his own Webcomic Superstars Trading Card! 18-06-2004
- Impy & Aevy - Josh lets the wind play with his hair while on the beach! 04-01-2006
- Random Assembly - Well, yeah... it is pretty close to Josh's style... it just does not mean the same here! 04-10-2006

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