- None recorded

- RPG World - What would happen if RPG World merged with Tetris? Perhaps this! 31-05-2005

Gnerds 2000 cameos/references can be found in:
- Alternate Delusions - Looks like the ... sort'a chicken has been promoted to Green Lantern Special! 28-10-2006
- AntiBunny - Bunnified Serge and Poncho are asked about the opinions on Nailbat! 11-01-2007
- AntiBunny - Taking a pickaxe to the wall, Serge has become another worker in the labor camp! 22-02-2007
- Red City - Looks like Serge has become a resident of Red City, rooming with Travis! 29-01-2010

Sergio "SergeXIII" Ragno cameos/references:
- Victory - Sergio Ragno is getting an official special thanks for his honest review of Victory! 06-10-2006

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