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- Two Moons - On the poster on the pillar, Cyff is cast as a devilish DJ! 15-03-2006
- Fated Feather - If Captain Tja should get out of work, she can always fall back on her DJ career! 15-03-2006
- Darken - On the painting on the wall, none other that Duchess Jill has her likeness! 26-03-2006
- Five Dollar Fate - Cool looking Liam shows takes care of getting the teammembers to their places! 30-06-2006
- Fated Feather - Captain Tja and Raivyn is a tiny bit offended of being referred to as "camp followers"! 09-07-2006
- Darken - Duchess Jill sends the Red Team of Ninjas to fight in the tournament! 10-07-2006
- The Planet Closest to Heaven - In the tournament, the Blue Team will be on behalf of Queen Starla! 10-07-2006
- Fated Feather - Captain Hawke and Captain Wolfe will lead their respective teams in the tournament! 10-07-2006
- A’kni’att - The announcer of the game is none other than a certain Lord hormuz! 10-07-2006
- Thunder Roarer - Tom Nearford hangs around nonchelantly, wating for the games to begin! 11-07-2006
- Dillon - In full uniform, Dillon is waiting for the fun at the games to begin! 11-07-2006
- The Krae - Aidan is looking really much forward to see the competitors brave the hazards at the games! 11-07-2006
- Two Moons - The smallest of all the gathered people, Siilas is silently waiting for the games! 11-07-2006
- Hurrock's Fardel - Joan is checking out the other players, noticing someone is missing! 11-07-2006
- Darken - As always, Casper sees things from the best angle... his angle! 11-07-2006
- A'kni'att - Dressed some way of out place, Syrin is loaded with contempt for one of the players! 11-07-2006
- Oh Brother Qlippoth - Reuthin has kept his anachronistic shades, but seems to be having fun! 11-07-2006

Gnoph cameos/references can be found in:
- Darken - Abbey and Will are out in the streets to do a little weapon-shopping! 29-06-2005

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