- None recorded

- Order of the Stick - Is the Rant Golem right? IS Order of the Stick better than Tempts Adventures? Tempts Fate 7

Goblins cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Bane of Goblins, Jason enters Halloween Dressed as the Goblin Slayer! 31-10-2006
- Evil Overlords United - A scared Goblin shows up on the EO screens as they keep an eye on Goblins! 07-08-2007
- Girl Genius - We all know what Goblins are, but around here it still seems up to discussion! 10-12-2008
- Least I Could Do - With his bravado and spirit, Thac0 jumps into the fray, dealing damage to the opponents! 10-04-2009
- Cwen's Quest - Yes, Tempts Fate in the halls is just a plain normal sight... lets see how he fares, shall we? 01-07-2010
- Two Lumps - Two Lumps is up against Goblins, and Ebenezer has been reading up on them! 16-03-2012
- Will Save World for Gold - That definitely looks like pixelated MiniMax and Forgath standing in line a the Fish Shop! 07-11-2012
- Something Positive - Complains-Of-Names may not know about Servers, but he knows when something is weird! 30-01-2013
- Let's Ask Violet - A Fumbles Plushie has received the spot of honor in the middle of the couch! 31-03-2014
- Nate the Robot - On his trunk Nate has a small figurine of Thac0 standing as a proud part of his collection! 16-09-2015
- The Whiteboard - Even at a major Halloween Party Big Ears seems to be continually on guard for anything! 31-10-2016
- Girl Genius - Is that someone at the party dressed up as MiniMax, or is it the real one? 16-12-2016
- Erfworld - You really can't be a gamer without having Goblins on your webcomic reading list! Book 1: Page 14
- Perry Bible Fellowship - One of the boys going sewer-spelunking seems to have a shirt featuring Thac0! Strip #198

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