Go Get a Roomie
Go Get a Roomie
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- I Was Kidnapped By... - Now, that would answer more questions about Roomie than it would raise! 24-05-2010
- Sister Claire - The meeting of Roomies, Nuns and Gabrielle turns out to be all about... pussies! Gueststrip29-01-2012
- Namesake - Nothing less that a full-size painting of a Namesake page can be found hanging in the school hall! 29-04-2013
- Headless Bliss - Looks like Jo had counted on relaxing with Kitty while wearing his Demon Daddy shirt! 06-04-2015
- Sunstone - Ally stops by to get a full dose of the local family feud of the twins! 20-05-2016
- Headless Bliss - With that story-description there can be no doubt... Lillian is the Author of Headless Bliss! 23-11-2016
- Sister Claire - For this peacefull filler image, Roomiw and Sister Claire gets to hang out! 02-01-2017

Roomie cameos/references can be found in:
- Eerie Cuties - With added chocolate, Roomie just got even more edible! Gueststrip25-10-2010
- Times Like This - Both Roomie and Ramona visits the same goth-club Cassie has just returned to! 08-10-2012
- Leftover Soup - Roomie seems to be eying her glass as if it was dangerous... or worse... empty! Strip 0058
- Woody After Hours - Woody welcomes the life-loving Roomie to his show... or is it the other way around? 12-08-2013

Chloe cameos/references:
- Times Like This - The famous Chloe-Art District is named after no other than... Chloe! 27-06-2011

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