Golden Age of Adventurers
Golden Age of Adventurers

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- Sluggy Freelance - The bookstore has The Book of Güd and Nude Women in Suicide Badmington! 22-04-2004
- Schlock Mercenary - They also have The 7 Habits of Highly Effecient Pirates and Sports Lustyrated! 22-04-2004
- Pastel Defender Heliotrope - On the top shelf we find Multiversal Theory and Cosmological Dynamics! 22-04-2004
- Zebra Girl - On special exhibition in the bookstore is the grinning, demonic Tomie! 22-04-2004
- Acid Reflux - Whoa! They even got a chapter of the Continuum Primer on display in the bookstore! 22-04-2004
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Under the counter we find an issue of the all-favorite Look at'em Magazine! 22-04-2004
- El Goonish Shive - Off course a well-stocked bookstore would have an issue of Cat Chicks Magazine! 22-04-2004
- Sluggy Freelance - In the spirit of Halloween, the whole cast becomes the Sluggy Freelance cast! 30-10-2004
- Pawn - To celebrate Halloween, Ciria and Nimble has masqueraded themselves as Ayanah and Baalah! 30-09-2006
- Tailsteak - Hool and Elondaro have Halloween-dressed up as Paul and Brian, the bandmembers! 30-09-2006
- Sea of Insanity - To make with Halloween, Ai and Ben has dressed up as Finn and Gil! 30-09-2006
- Girl Genius - This Halloween the whole cast has dressed up as the Girl Genius cast! 30-09-2006
- Exploitation Now - Look like Ralph took to studying art when his comic was cancelled... no wonder actually! 17-01-2010
- El Goonish Shive - For 1st of April, Ciria gets the honor of being drawing in EGS-style! 01-04-2010
- Freefall - Ai gets to be drawn in Freefall style for 1st of April... or is it the other way around? 01-04-2010
- PvP Online - Hook is drawn in a style resembling PvP-style for this 1st of April joke strip! 01-04-2010
- Order of the Stick - Pretty recognizeable, there is no doubt Nimble is in Order of the Stick style for 1st of April! 01-04-2010
- xkcd - Ben sounds to be satisfied with being drawn in xkcd-style for this 1st of April strip! 01-04-2010
- Girl Genius - The False Jägergirls lead directly to a lesson in How to Date A Jäeger! 13-06-2010
- Freefall - For this Halloween, Nimble is dressed up as Sam Starfall, fitting for size! 31-10-2010
- Keychain of Creation - Ten Winds was chose as Ai's costume... for the hair that came with it! 31-10-2010
- Spacetrawler - Ben found a Halloween Costume that kept his beard, under the disguise as Growp! 31-10-2010
- Lumia's Kingdom - Ciria makes a pretty good Lumia for Halloween, even if the freckles are painted on! 31-10-2010
- Vexxarr - Hook picked up the... formfitting costume of Vexxarr to wear this Halloween! 31-10-2010

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