Gossamer Commons
Gossamer Commons

- None recorded

- None recorded

Gossamer Commons cameos/references can be found in:
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Guess the faeries were in for it if GC-rules applied to AKOTAS! 17-07-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - David clicks through his favorite webcomics, getting GC up for reading! 09-03-2006

Eric Burns & Greg Halkon cameos/references:
- Freefall - Obviously Sam doesn't want the picture of Eric "Snarky" Burns' Mother return... is it the quality? 20-04-2005
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Eric and Wednesday are having trouble coming up with new names! 09-11-2005
- Narbonic - Poor Eric will suffer Burns if he doesn't keep his place in the line! 15-02-2006
- Shortpacked! - Eric Burns wil gladly pay 20 $ and more to have Wednesday kiss Amber! 06-03-2006
- Surviving Mars - So... it looks like Eric Burns' Biscuit business lasts well into the future! 08-03-2006

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