The Great Escape

On the 1st of August, 2001, something exceptional took place in the world of webcomics! Four characters from the webcomic Framed!!!, managed to dig their way out of the comic, not only breaking the 4th wall, but escaping through the hole and into other webcomics, setting in motion a chaos that ended up spanning more than 50 different webcomics!
It's an epic tale of webcomic worldtravelling, sweeping up characters and artists alike and bringing them with in the vortex of mayhem and confusion!

Many of the strips involved was canon strips... and/or was presented in the regular line of strips, others was placed in special sections of the various comics. Those in the regular line is presented under the Framed entry, but the latter will not!
However, here we will collect and present the whole story, strip by strip!

Let the Escape begin!

Note. This entry will be updated little by little as all the pieces in the puzzle is put togethe... please have patience.

The Framed!!! Great Escape By Damonk

Day 1 (1st of August 2001)
It all began in Framed where the characers, using the artists's hiatus, got free of the confirms of the frames by tunnneling their way out.

Day 2
The characters Mike, Frank, Derek and Alison emerge from the hole, looking for a way to freedom.

Day 3
Checking the boundaries of their comic, they look for a way out of the comic itself.

Day 4
After an initial failed try they were still outside the frames of the strip, but still inside the comic.

Day 5
The characters still find themselves outside the frozen frames of the strip, but when the artist suddenly comes back, they jump the Links-section of the site.

Day 6
Finally they have ESCAPED Damonk's clutches, and after the so far unnoticed escape they ended up in Untitled Again from where they quickly made a break for Todd and Penguin

Day 7
The characters are later spotted running through HOSERS in their escape for the Real World

Day 8
Finally Damonk finds out about the escape, but at this point the 4 fugitives are already through PDI and briefly looks into Chaos Inc. before they head on towards freedom

Day 9
To round up the escapees, Damonk checks a flashback-sequence and in the meantime the hunted quartet are sneaking through The Legend of Chucko Liang and The Testbed Room. Unfortunately they let the portal stay open in Chaos Inc. where the villain jumps in!

Day 10
Still checking the flasback, Damonk discovers something he had hoped was not true, all awhile the characters are on the run through J-Walkin where Allison grabs her old friend Socky on her way, before they went through Bad Boys of Computer Science, Life in an Eggshell, Comicollage and The Testbed Room.

Day 11
Finally the flashback shows Damonk what was found by the characters and what might have helped their escape. At this point however, the fugitives are stopping up in Fanboy Otaku Gamers Club before they jump on.

Day 12
Now knowing what made the escape possible, Damonk ends the flashback, preparing for the hunt. But he gotta be fast! In their search for the real world, the characters are now through The Fantastical Bestiary and Silly Cone V where they ruin the comic of the day, pushing it into tomorrow.

Day 13
While Dick is sweating under the grilling interrogation of Damonk, the character's last exit lets them fall into Ko Fight Club. Here they didn't even manage to interrupt a game before they quickly escape for The Sporkman Chronicles.

Day 14
While the comic if flooded by Dicks sweating, Nick Yu comes paddling in to have a little beef with Damonk who he yanks into the strip! Meanwhile the characters appears in It Hurts To Be That Stupid where they almost get beer before they pass by in Nerd Alert! where they leave the artist heart-broken.

Day 15
It turns out that Nick has appeared to complain a little about the havoc the fugitive characters are making in his comic, and just as he has Damonk on his heels, Erin Dilbatis falls in for a beef with Damonk!
While the artists have their pool-party, the characters have in the meantime reached Dan & Ed Super Happy Fun Adventure Hour, and later on it goes POP in Blotto Street.

Day 16
While Nick and Erin compare dry notes about what Damonk's characters have done in their respective comics, Damonk himself is about to be sucked down, until it turns out that it is Pamela MacNeish who's brought her vacuum-cleaner to save the day!
While this take place, the characters break into Deathworld where they accidently disintegrates the Pyrogy Ninja before hastily leaving. Due to a weird time distortion, they are at the same time... and a long time ago, found in Blotto Street.
In the meantime, back in Nerd Alert!, the scent of a woman still lingers!

Day 17
Pamela brings Damonk up to date with the current situation, and she may even be able to vacuum in some help, and her powers of sucking reach into Zortic where the help might be!
However, they need lots of help if they shall catch the characters... they are even now sighthed in Nerdz, and Pamela's strip, Purple Duck Mambo also gets a short visit, before the characters pop-out screaming!
As time is still distorted, the charactets are also still haging out in Blotto Street where there's a lot of cross-comic interaction between the various characters of both comics.

Day 18
The vacuuming brought in Splink, and with lots of melodramatic effects he explains how the escape of the characters might lead to space-time of the comic-universes might lead to... totally chaos everywhere (as if some strips didn't already endulge in this...)
Unaware of this prophecy, the characters are still on the run and this time their escape goes through Online Life.
At the same time, due to the time-distortion, Frank and Myra gets bette acquinted in Blotto Street, but the legacy of the Playing Card Man, brings the characters on the run again.

Day 19
Splink reveals to the cartooists, that the only way to save the comic-universe, is to round up the missing characters and bring them home. He hands over a tracking device before he returns to his own subplot back home.
Without knowing they are soon going to become hinted for good, the four characters comes through Strange Adventure, looking for the Real World.

Day 20
After Splink has left, the cartoonists ponders what to do and how to make use of the tracking device. However, their ponderings are interrupted when three more cartoonists' suddenly pop in It's Ian J., Meaghan Quinn and Todd Michaels, and they don't look happy!
While Framed hosts the great Webcomic Artist Convention, the characters take a peek in Angry People before they head on to Victims of the System where they stop to ponder their situation. The idea of splitting up is voiced, but before it can be discussed, Derek jumps ahead alone, so moments later look into Sandwich World before he continues his search. Unfortunately he lets the portal stay open for too long, and the Tom and Rabidazell who've captured Joe England, enters it in their search for more cartoonists.
Meanwhile. in the time-distorted Blotto Street, Damonk asks about his characters... and finds out how much chaos they've already created...

Day 21
Back in the main strip, Damonk is in for some serious beefing! His wicked past of misusing his real life friends catch up with him, as he is blamed for all the chaos his characters has and will might will create!
In the end Damonk is threatened with the toon jury, when suddenly Tom and Rabidazell from Sandwich World are entering the strip through the hole left open at their place the day before!

Day 22
Seeing the masse cartoonists, Tom and Rabidazell leaves their captived Joe England to gather up some more cartoonists! However, using a little trick that only works in Damonks G-rated world, Joe escapes and, using another but more common trick, sets a Cartoonist Stampede in motion that puts the cartoonists out of T & R's range, before he draws himself an escape back to Zebra Girl.
At the same time, over at Victims of the System, Frank takes a portal away from the strip, seperating himself from Mike and Alison. Now there's three Framed-Fractions running around the net!

Day 23
After the stampede almost put their plan into ruin, Tom and Rabidazell manages to lure back the cartoonists... which perhaps wasn't that good an idea! Then again, Rab has an idea, and with the help of Sandwich Worl he builds ... a Trojan Bunny Farm!?

To be continued...

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