The Other Grey Meat
The Other Grey Meat

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- Orbit - John wakes up hungry and with Orbit's Moon on his shirt! 07-01-2010
- RPGeneric - So Beth has been knitting John a sweater with Floon on it? Nifty! 14-01-2010
- Goodbye Kitty - R.Z should be more concerned with getting goo on his GBK-shirt than his broken arm! 21-03-2010
- Bonejangles - Running around the clinic in brain-glee, R.Z is happily swinging his Bonejangles doll! 04-04-2010
- RPGeneric - Pirate Girl Lysette has to fight the dastardly Ninjagirl for the skeletal hand of her beloved! 25-04-2010
- Love Kills Slowly - Ninja Girl has to beat Pirate Girl in order to win the favors of the Skeleton Boyfriend! 25-04-2010
- Wake the Sleepers - In this epic image, R.L. rescues an Oralee in distress out of the fire! 15-02-2011
- Wake the Sleepers - Digging around R.L founds a prize... the doll of Orphan Girl aka Oralee! 26-05-2011
- Everyday Abnormal - A part of R.L's "treasure" is a vintage genuine Everyday Abnormal doll! 27-06-2011
- Riddick Q. Loss Tales - The doll of Sir Dimswitch which R.L liberated, seems to have attracted something sticky! 27-06-2011
- Sunday Smash - Looks like there were dolls of both Gorilla and Kevin in the box R.L "saved"! 27-06-2011
- Angry Faerie - Funny how even as a doll our very own Angry Faerie can look contrary! 27-06-2011
- Buxy Queen of Metal - Inside the box of "Treasure", R.L found a little Dave figurine! 27-06-2011
- Mitidake Saga - A cute little chibified doll of Yuki, thats what is is R.L's box of "treasure"! 27-06-2011
- Q - Yep, a talking duck-bird thing doll is indeed a mighty treasure as R.L claims! 27-06-2011
- Love Kills Slowly - Well, at least one of the shirts in the stack is stylish... and straight from Love Kills Slowly! 15-03-2012
- Ink LaRue - Is that a genuine Cinny toy he is fooling around with there? 09-04-2012

The Other Grey Meat cameos/references can be found in:
- Sunday Smash - Kevin seems to be hooked up on following the webcomic of "The Other Grey Meat"! 15-08-2010

"Magraven" cameos/references:
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - Magraven went to the third round in the Halo tournament before being taken out! 03-02-2015

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