- None recorded

- Questionable Content - Looks like the people in "Expresso Yourself" are moonlightning from another coffee shop? 27-03-2012
- Mad Dog - Is that Mad Dog we see there, sticking his head out at the window to the Pet Shop? 02-01-2013
- Monkey Dog Snake Human At least part snake and dog can be spotted in the window of the Pet Shop! - 02-01-2013
- My Girlfriend's Dog - Have your girlfriend gotten tired of her dog since it now can be found in the Pet Shop? 02-01-2013
- Dexter the Alien - Panel 2: Dexter the Alien... Sex Toy... ?!? :o 02-01-2013
- Princess Chroma - Is that Princess Chroma we see walk by there? With a dead... rabbit!? :o 02-01-2013
- Vorto the Pirate - Hmm... one can wonder if Vorto has changes his way of living or if the shop is a cover? 02-01-2013
- Rasputin Catamite - Is that Dmitri we have here, howering around in the background? 02-01-2013
- October 20th - The Horror Play of October 20th will come live from Norway? Well, the poster says so...! 02-01-2013
- And To Be Loved - Yep, right there in the background we have Claire chasing Thomas and R. ... witn an axe! 02-01-2013
- The Demon Archives - Right there in the first panel we have Tenzin walking by with his dog... and Jane on his shirt! 09-03-2014
- Vatican Assassins - Trecking the mountains for a way home, Viola, Fife and Xy is passed by the blimp! 18-06-2014
- October 20th - Looks like Catherine and Rai have gotten new jobs on the local blimp airline! 18-06-2014
- Vatican Assassins - Xy, Viola and Fife have come to town in their search for the way to the monastery! 21-01-2015
- October 20th - Going to the movies to watch "October 20th", that's a good treat for a date! 17-06-2015
- Vatican Assassins - Looks like Viola, Fife and Xy are still trecking the local mountains, stopping for a bite! 17-06-2015
- Princess Chroma - Looks like the recent coordinates have send Stephanie and larry to the worlds of Princess Chroma! 11-10-2015
- Vatican Assassins - Fife, Xy and Viola seems to have a heated discussion on the street about the road home to take! 11-10-2015
- Vatican Assassins - In the first panel we spot none other than Xy and Viola walking by, chatting! 25-12-2016
- Vatican Assassins - Looks like the Vatican Assassins Three have taken the day off and gone to the movies! 06-08-2017

GROOVY, KINDA cameos/references can be found in:
- Times Like This - Stephanie could be a fembot Nicki could hook up with... if she had the programming for it! 10-01-2013
- Monkey Dog Snake Human - Hmm... there's a cereal box named "crunchy, kinda" on the top shelf, wonder what its referencing? 12-08-2013
- My Girlfriend's Dog - Anya seems a bit surprised over at what age somebody would still consider a dog a "Puppy"! 18-08-2013
- I, Mummy - Mr. Lewis chloroformed Stephanie from behind and killed her once upon a time! 01-10-2014
- Princess Chroma - Edison picked the wrong day to visit Elysium it seems...! 18-02-2014
- Princess Chroma - You can't do anything discreetly when Robespierre and the crowd comes along! 24-09-2014
- Ruby Nation - Larry Pye seems to be enjoying his new job and highpowere armor working for Apex State! 22-02-2015
- The Devon Legacy - People have lined up nicely to get out of the shattered subway station, and so has Lyssa! 09-04-2015
- I, Mummy - Toivo can't tell Jane where Madame Simza is, but he would like to sell her one if he could! 14-05-2015

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