- None recorded

- Slightly Damned - Among the rocks we find none other than Thadius starring in her natural role! 04-11-2020
- Rocky the Rock - The large group of Nerts has gathered around a outcrop looking remarkable like Rocky the Rock! 16-12-2020
- Magical Misfits - On top of the mysterious tree-like structure Zeep finds we spot what looks like a familiar bat in a dress! 23-12-2020
- Fusion - While Miss Marty recharges, Zeep is catching up on the newest episodes of Fusion on tv! 06-01-2021
- Skitter - Jack becomes the teacher that teaches Zeep how to be... well, Zeep! 05-10-2022

Growlution cameos/references can be found in:
- Cupcake War Machine - Zeep is hanging out in the park, flying a kite with an alien friend he has made! 04-10-2022
- Court of Roses - Its tricky to say if its a mask or not, but that IS Zeep in the front row at the Masquerade! 31-10-2022

Hogan's Notes:

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