Guardian Wings
Guardian Wings
Volume I - Volume II

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- Mythic Mayhem - Gwydion and Goch were having a nice gave of pool with Ethan when duty called for him! 12-05-2023
- Broken Beats - Raya and Maya get quite a scare when Ethan takes a detour and jumps over their heads! 19-05-2023
- Village Bearer - Nepetal seems to find it quite rude that Ethan jumps way over her head without warning! 19-05-2023
- Latera - Noruh was just walking the part and engaging in chatter when suddenly Ethan went jumping overhead! 19-05-2023

Guardian Wings cameos/references can be found in:
- Mythic Mayhem - Ethan truly enjoys the cake at the party, Feather... would like to! 11-12-2022
- MEAU! - Guardian Wings coming out as a Movie!?!? Our prayers have been heard! 03-07-2021
- The Uncaped Legion - When War is afoot, Celestials from one world need Michael in another to help mop up! 04-09-2022
- Double the Soul - In the hallway Ethan walks quietly along, talking to the other students! 19-08-2022
- Mythic Mayhem - Goch gets to play around with Sausage and taken home by Ethan! 14-10-2022
- The Fantasy Book Club - What do we have here? Is that Ethan hanging around in the library? 01-04-2023
- Broken Beats - Among the audience to the Suddenly Found concert we spot none other than Ethan! 15-07-2023
- Ghellios - In the background Ethan looks up surprised at the attacking creature! 24-07-2023
- The Uncaped Legion - Stopping by a certain pub leads to a team-up between crews for a merry demon-hunting! 02-12-2023

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