Gunmetal Annie
Gunmetal Annie

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- None recorded

Gunmetal Annie cameos/references can be found in:
- Burgundy Comics, INC - Zhaneel enjoys the party dressed up as Rae! 03-10-2005

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Twice Destined - The Loser Hero is obviously a member of the crew the captain can play cool with! 23-04-2005
- Deity Permit - Soap is another member of the crew the captain can play cool with! 23-04-2005
- Fallen Angels Used Books - The redheaded dude talking to the nice lady is John Fortman himself! 31-05-2005
- Broken Glass - And the nice lady is none other than Ladydarke! 31-05-2005
- Digital War - Ewan Baird is seen in the stunning company of Mercury Hat herself! 31-05-2005
- Burgundy Comics, INC - CJ Burgundy is partying in space with keenspace's own admin! 31-05-2005
- Kisai Appreciation Site - Nicely dressed up and in good company, Kisai enjoy the party in space! 31-05-2005
- Angry Monkey - Smooth-looking dark intruder in for a robbery, that's K-Dawg! 11-06-2005
- Darken - Kate Ashwin appears among the crew as her Komiyan avatar! 08-11-2005

Elizabeth "Mercury Hat" A. cameos/references:
- Digital War - Armed and ready, Mercury Hat is cheering as she is driving into battle! 14-05-2004
- Burgundy Comics, INC - CJ Burgandy vs. Mercury Hat in mudwrestling? Hoody Hoo!! 23-08-2004
- Burgundy Comics, INC - On the front-cover of the book (from the adult section!) we find Mercury Hat! 26-01-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Mercury Hat is almost screaming for blood before the fight has even started! 25-02-2005
- The Menagerie - Mercury Hat appears as a mushroom hugging foxgirl puppet! 24-03-2005
- Twice Destined - As a professional, and a cute one too, Mercury Hat leaps into the fray! 23-05-2005
- If Then Else - If Mercury Hat wants a larger sample, she must buy a whole ice to get the sample...! 21-06-2005
- Darken - Mercury Hat prefers making out in the guardhouse to guarding the City! 27-06-2005
- Burgundy Comics, INC - Whatever she's being told in the tub, Mercury Hat obviously finds it funny! 29-06-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Figures that Merc likes to cuddle the one with the big guns! 25-08-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Elizabeth Hat, a.k.a Mercury Hat, tries to get people to calm down by reasoning! 28-11-2005
- Alternate Delusions - As an expert of the Green Lanterns, Mercury Hat sends the rookies for training! 05-08-2006
- Torio - The previous presentator had Mercury Hat mentioned... wonder what the subject was? 23-10-2006

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