Gunnerkrigg Court
Gunnerkrigg Court

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- Starslip Crisis - A plushie of Jinx has been made and added to Zimmy's happy pile of softness! 10-10-2008
- Achewood - Both Roast Beef and Ray have been plushified and become a part of Zimmy's happy world! 10-10-2008
- Girly - No giant pile of plushies should be without a small plushie of Marshmellow Kitty! 10-10-2008

Gunnerkrigg Court cameos/references can be found in:
- Rebound - In the bar, in the town in the old Wild West we find... Mr. Eglamore! 31-10-2006
- Crimson Dark - Among the adds on the billboards, we find one for Gunnerkrigg Court! 26-01-2007
- Magical Misfits - Annie in her mortal self have shown up at Magical Misfits 400 strip celebration! 21-02-2007
- Girl Genius - Seems like the inn of Gunnerkrigg Court is indeed worth visiting! 19-03-2007
- Dissent - Mr. Eglamore hangs out at the bar... wonder what he is having? 23-03-2007
- Masters of the Art - It's the time of Halloween, and what can be more scarry than dress up as Zimmy? 29-10-2007
- Flaky Pastry - For Halloween, Marell has, most appropiately, dressed up as Antimony! 31-10-2007
- Rebound - Okay, dressing up for Halloween as Annie and Kat, may NOT be smart... for all! 01-11-2007
- P.S.I. - Antimony tries her best to keep up with the rest pf the prisoners in their dash for freedom! 02-01-2008
- Everyday Heroes - Just having gotten icecreams, Kat and Antimony looks more or less satisfied! 23-10-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Falling through on her nightmarish trip, Mindmistress drops by the Gillitie Woods! 10-11-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Gunnerkrigg Court would be caught up in the blending if the Space-Time Slicer was activated! 18-04-2010
- The Whiteboard - Howie has shown up to the Halloween Party as a grim Ysengrim! 31-10-2012
- Everyday Heroes - Behind Uma's head we spot a painting depicting a fanart for Gunnerkrigg Court! 06-07-2013
- Widdershins - Looks like its a banner advertising the latest Gunnerkrigg Court volume we spot there in the bookstore! 12-07-2013
- Sandra and Woo - Sir James Eglamore stops by to hold P.E., test Cloud at swordfight... and break hearts! 16-09-2013
- Questionable Content - Looks like City Face is working on nesting in Pintsize mouth? Plenty of space there! Strip 3087

Tom Siddell cameos/references:
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - Wonder what Tom did while locked away in the Repository? Pen the draft Gunnerkrigg? Gueststrip113
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - The whole inventory of the Repository manage to escape, including the Spare Artist Tom Siddell! 121

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