Haven and Adler
Haven and Adler
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- Mindmistress - Eugene gets his late night nerd fixing by checking up on the Mindmistress Files! 23-06-2012
- Grrl Power - Off course Anvil rocks! And she rocks so hard she gets her own grafitti on the truck! 26-06-2012
- Evil Overlords United - The Evil Overlords may be defeated and scattered, but they still live on in grafitti! 26-06-2012
- Crossoverkill - "To Syr With Love"? Has the epic interlude become grafitti now? 26-06-2012
- Dungeons & Denizens - Lichwell saves? Well yes, the Lich hasn't missed a saving throw so far as far as I know! 26-06-2012
- Mindmistress - Eugene is really a fan of Mindmistress it seems, her poster is hanging on the wall in his room! 30-07-2012
- Monster Soup - On the wall in Eugene's bedroom is a montage of the Monster Soup cast! 01-10-2012

Haven and Adler cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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