- None recorded

- None recorded

Heard cameos/references can be found in:
- Pictures of You - Romy is a guest at the party, awing over one particular collection! 18-08-2009
- Ada Lee Comes On! - Yes, we Heard it, but we also saw it suddenly on Ada's mug of coffeee...! 11-06-2011
- Pictures of You - Romy and Bailey seems to be enjoying their night out at Hot Jupiter's! 14-09-2011
- Ada Lee Comes On! - So, Romy and Hannah are ALSO hanging out in the restroom Ada and her girl visits? 27-06-2012

Nena (Di) Martinez cameos/references:
- Pictures of You - From the back, Nena Di flips the bird to the photographer who happens to be Rick! 23-11-2012

Hogan's Notes:

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