Heroes Alliance
Heroes Alliance

- None recorded

- Dragon Queen - Dragon queen is hanging around the group, providing additional information 27-09-2012
- Jenny Everywhere - Off course will a place with so many different heroes sooner or later attract Jenny Everywhere! 27-09-2012
- Hign Maintenance - Astral decides to hit on Jessica Mason but DO get the point... hopefully! 27-09-2012
- Ocity - Gen and Topia are Vampires? Yep, nice spotted! 01-12-2012
- The Broken - Split is brought to the party through portal... and gets a surprise first hand! 01-12-2012

Heroes Alliance cameos/references can be found in:
- Shell - A Teaser for Heroes Alliance that stares deep into your very soul! Gueststrip13-03-2010

Hogan's Notes:

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