The Hero Factor
The Hero Factor

- None recorded

- Acrobat - Yep, there's already one superhero named Acrobat around... in yellow and black even! 07-02-2011
- Stick Man 10th Anniversary - If you are not into lame pickup-lines... don't read Stick Man 10th Anniversary! Gueststrip13-03-2011
- Negligence - The creator of Negligence did pay for this commercial break! Gueststrip13-03-2011
- Cubicle - The comic of Cubicle was a comic this creator also is the artist behind! Gueststrip13-03-2011
- Lite Bites - Some people cheer on their favorites... others call for people to read Lite Bites! 19-04-2012

The Hero Factor cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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