Hidden Disguises
Hidden Disguises

- None recorded

- Vinci and Arty - Nobody really noticed Vince and Arty doing the "cookie-chase" in the background! 02-02-2004
- DMFA - Looks like Mab has been invited in as a special guest for the banquet! 18-12-2009
- Gene Catlow - Off course both Lord Gene and Lady Catwhisker would be attending the banquet! 18-12-2009

Hidden Disguises cameos/references can be found in:
- 2 Way Mirror - A plain poster showing off Hidden Disguised can be spotted on the wall! 03-12-2004

"Witchiebunny" cameos/references:
- P.S.I. - Finally out of the EO's dungeons where she was held captive, Witchiebunny runs for her freedom! 02-01-2008
- DMFA - Witchiebunny's avatar says it out right... she is a cameo! #634

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