- None recorded

- Dumbing of Age - Looks like Joel had been reading DOA on his tablet before they started talking! 13-02-2015

HijiNKS ENSUE cameos/references can be found in:
- Woody After Hours - Joel Watson signs in for tonight's episode of WAH, a promising... beardy show! 02-03-2014

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Shortpacked! - David Willis gets through a lot at Connecticon 2011, with both drinks and nipples! 11-07-2011
- Cyanide and Happiness - Kris and Rob both got through a lot of Hijinks during Connecticon 2011! 11-07-2011
- Weregeek - You can be sure of one thing when Alina Pete is at Connecticon... something unexpected will happen! 11-07-2011
- Shortpacked! - For David Willis a Karaoke Song Book must have a butt on the cover and nothing Dr. Who! 27-02-2012
- Cyanide and Happiness - Rob might get booze for drawing, but the booze quickly makes its way INTO the drawing! 28-02-2012
- Shortpacked! - ... and now we learn a lot more of David Willis' hallucinations of mind than we ever wanted to! Gueststrip12-02-2013
- Dumbing of Age - Amazing how David Willis can manage to have Joel "Let it go" as soon as they meet! 10-02-2014

Joel Watson cameos/references:
- Times Like This - Cassie gets to meet Joel Watson at Dwex and talking a bit while getting his books! 12-11-2009
- Weregeek - Joel Watson, a man of talent, but yet Alana managed to outwit him sor far in Super Art Fight! 11-07-2011
- Shortpacked! - Joel Watson feels betrayed by David Willis, after all he has done for him in his love! 23-12-2012
- Guilded Age - The crew of HijiNKS ENSUE gets to host their own show, live from ConceptiCon! 23-02-2011
- Zombie Roomie - Zombie Joel gets the unfunny joke... and will still be ripped to shreds! 24-07-2012

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