Holding Pattern
Holding Pattern

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- Autumn Bay - Its up to Felicia Kingsley to interview the clearminded godsforsaken gunnuts of the city! 17-11-2014
- Autumn Bay - So Bishop did send an uplifting letter to Tona while in prison! 15-12-2014
- Autumn Bay - Looks like somebody has marked Felicia Kingsley for closer supervision! 19-01-2015
- Autumn Bay - The trials of Tona is not something Nesarial can do anything about... he can only watch! Gueststrip20-01-2015
- Autumn Bay - Dr. Deacon escapes from one place just to end up with Eric in the cold! 26-02-2015

Holding Pattern cameos/references can be found in:
- Autumn Bay - The happenings of Holding Pattern are monitored as happening in a parallel reality! Archived locally04-11-2014
- Piper's Song - Looks like the campaign for freeing Tona Zehm is also spilling over into this world! 15-11-2014
- Autumn Bay - Bishop is looking back on the friends of the past with Tona Zehm among them! Gueststrip03-12-2014
- Autumn Bay - Somebody would opviously like to see Tona free as judging by the "Free Tona"-grafitti! Archived locally11-12-2014
- Autumn Bay - One of Bishop's memories is obviously watching the sparring match between Tona and her sergeant! Archived locally06-03-2015

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