- None recorded

- None recorded

Horribleville cameos/references can be found in:
- Bigger Than Cheeses - For eight years of BTC, the apartment of Horribleville gets blown up! Strip 793

KC Green cameos/references:
- Death By Pixel - A bait involving a book with the foreword by KC Green is a mighty lure indeed! 17-04-2006
- Grownup Comic - KC Green is stopping in Ohio on his way, a good time to invite him to dinner! 18-08-2012
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Thats a scared look the sight of a celebrational yelling madman with a torch can give! Strip 737
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Not anyone can draw up some KC Green shit in 5 minutes... but his try deserves notice! Strip 797
- Geist Panik! - Rest In Peace K.C. Green, you have done enough for now! Strip 051

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