Hot Cake Theater
Hot Cake Theater
MA content warning

- None recorded

- T.A.Vision - Guess Kiku would really like to treat Yamamoto the way SHE wants to be treated! Page 20
- T.A.Vision - Tora finds out that not all threats are effective when you work the language of Sushi! Page 22

Hot Cake Theater cameos/references can be found in:
- Conscrew - Hot Cake Theater makes Manga-Ka's webcomic list... more porn! 16-01-2006
- T.A.Vision - Permy is spotted as a plushie on the shelf in Miki's bedroom! MA content warning!19-03-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Alone in the control room, Deception enjoys watching Hot Cake Theater! 16-04-2007

Hogan's Notes:

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