How Unfortunate
How Unfortunate

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- Rumbles - Despite the show of art on the side of the van, Vakanai only breaks a smile and keeps people back! 22-03-2008
- Guy in a Dinosaur Costume - Watching the painting on the side of the van, the guy grins as it drives past! 22-03-2008
- Mosaic - Among the spectators we find Takashi, looking with keen interest on what happens! 25-03-2008
- Posted - Well, Meep IS a suddenly appearing thing... but I don't think its the booze that caused it! 08-04-2008
- Autumn Blood - Cool car driving aout, and Spamacky Jones immediately takes notice! 21-04-2008
- Putrid Meat - There's no mistaking Bones and Puke hanging out as the car drives by! 11-05-2008
- Timmy and the Bleach - Timmy on the Billboard? Okay, I would like to know how he did that stunt too! 25-05-2008
- Epic Adventures - Rihanna's power is displacing people, making her run past an annoyed Daryl! 02-06-2008
- Per Ardua - Uriah wonders why she suddenly appeared in a strange place... at least she is not alone! 02-06-2008
- Blood Groove - Even though he is displaced by Rihanna's powers, Exra takes it cool with something to drink! 02-06-2008
- Unknown - You can't see on Jake that he suddenly appeared here... thanks to Rihanna's powers! 02-06-2008
- NPC - Deme looks pretty out of place here in the foodcourt, and it looks like he has realized that too! 02-06-2008
- Salt the Holly - Brio wonders two things... why he appeared here, and why the girl is running so fast past him! 02-06-2008
- Hero Force - It's hard to say what Ultragirl is thinking, her suddenly having been displaced to this place! 02-06-2008
- Hitting Rock Bottom With The Creedys - Kevin, Brad, and MC Creedy hangs out in the foodcourt! 02-06-2008
- Naive - Antony looks up in surprise... "Cow Warriors" can fly! 24-06-2008
- Beyond Human - Aeric Summers seems quite awed at the sight of the flying Human & debris passing by! 24-06-2008
- Wakon Yosai - The shrapnel and victims pass over Thomas Slugo who can only gawk in awe! 24-06-2008
- The Mythos - Cornilias seems to go through a mix of shock and surprise ove the goingons! 04-07-2008
- The Wasteland Circus - Its hard to say what the Humongous thinks, but he MAKES people think! 04-07-2008

How Unfortunate cameos/references can be found in:
- WarMage - So, one shadowy villain considers Luke Nordquist a threat? He better! MA content warning!21-03-2008
- Salt the Holly - Steve gets the glare that tells him it might be time to be galant for once! 05-06-2008

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