Hue Are You?
Hue Are You?

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- Blue Life - Looks like on of the screens in this cinema will be showing Blue Life the Movie! 04-10-2019
- Blunderland - Looks like Blunderland The Movie is one of the movies up in the cinema Build-a visits! 04-10-2019
- Everdream - In a very prominent spot wee see the epic poster for the latest John Gunnery movie! 04-10-2019
- Royal - Build-a starts the movie-lineup by going in and watching "Royal"! 11-10-2019
- Our Universe - For Build-a watching Our Universe The Movie really makes her live it out! 18-10-2019
- Oddly Vanilla - Build-a seems to be quite into the movie that is Oddly Vanilla! 18-10-2019
- Blue Life - A kid in the "tour-group" is hugging what looks like an adorable Blue plushie! 21-11-2020

Hue Are You cameos/references can be found in:
- I Hate You - One of the balls offered up for trade seems to hold a miniature Build-b! 06-10-2019
- No - Build-a hangs out in the middle of the playground lawn, enjoying the peace and quiet! 05-01-2020
- Cupcake Warmachine - Hue is casually walking the train station... blowing bubblegum? 19-04-2022

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