I Can't Stop Thinking!
I Can't Stop Thinking!

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- None recorded

I Can't Stop Thinking cameos/references can be found in:
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Impressive how much Lance Sharp's graphical telling is similar to Scott McClouds! 03-04-2002
- Anywhere But Here - Scott McCloud is among the party mix-up that has gone raving mad! 22-02-2006
- Cortland - Scott McCloud tells what people wants from webcomics... but they already know! 06-03-2006
- Modern Love - Scott Mcloud gives a few tips for easy comics in this parody! 21-02-2007
- Search Engine Funnies - Scott McCloud is doing his best to get some money ouf of the micropayments! Strip 0010
- Fans - "Nott" McCloud tries to blend in, but later gives the crossover history! Strip 283

Scott McCloud cameos/references:
- Narbonic - Scott McCloud turns out to have been the one doing the evil deeds! Gueststrip11-01-2001
- Penny Arcade - As Scott McCloud says, in fantasy you can get your gold just the way you want! 22-06-2001
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Lance Sharps' showcases looks pretty much like the ones Scott usually does! 02-09-2002
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Scott McCloud appears to bring down Chex's rule of terror by the spade! 30-04-2004
- Fragile Gravity - A Pišnata former like Scott McCloud? Sounds like he is in for a beating! 05-05-2004
- Niego - There's lots of "can't", but Scott McCloud just can't stop thinking! Gueststrip14-03-2005
- PvP Online - At the San Diego Comicon, Scott McCloud finally get his showdown with Tyche! 11-06-2005
- Overcompensating - Waiting in the background of the last panel, we recognize Scott McCloud! 07-03-2006
- Penny and Aggie - You can accuse McCloud for a lot... but sometimes its more for the fun of it! 22-11-2006
- Muertitos - Looks like someone wasn't all too happy with Scott McCloud's latest venture! 28-12-2006
- Penny and Aggie - Scott McCloud and family drives by, watching the incoming time for payback! 07-09-2007
- Housepets - "Spot" (?) McCloud gives his take on the history and standards of webcomics! 31-05-2010
- Spacetrawler - Scott McCloud gives some suggestions on backgrounds... which not everybody follow! 06-03-2012
- Smithson - When you are teaching in media and comicbooks, you can't miss McCloud! Ch. 4 Pg. 08
- Diesel Sweeties - Sounds like there ARE things Scott McCloud would like to distance himself from! Strip #187

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