If Then Else
If Then Else

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- General Protection Fault - Yeah, the place sure is packed, and one of the people packing is Yoshi! 25-09-2002
- Residence Life - It's quite a crowd filling up the place, and Dave is in the middle of it all! 25-09-2002
- Everything Jake - Yep, you can say its packed, but it also got Jake around there! 25-09-2002
- It's Walky! - On the wall we spot a poster featuring none other than Walky and his favorite expression! 23-10-2002
- General Protection Fault - Double Trouble? Yes, you might say thats Yoshi and Scott to the booth! 17-03-2003
- It's Walky! - Seems like Sal and Jason are much wanted, judging by the poster at the policestation! 31-07-2003
- Residence Life - Seems like Beer has been caught in a compromising situation! 17-10-2003
- Residence Life - Beer seets off through the crowd, but Skeet, and later Dave, are coming looking for him! 27-10-2003
- Cat-Tharsis - That's quite a posert with Cajjo Hachatulian we got here! 30-08-2004
- Help Desk - Wonder if Toji knew what awaited when he started working extended at Help Desk? 31-08-2004
- Nukees - The Giant Ant may just be a detail, but are the rest of the crew which are soon to follow too? 15-03-2006
- The Tao of Geek - A poster with the cast of The Tao of Geek adorns the wall! 25-08-2006
- General Protection Fault - For the Gamester and Mischief, rating a potential threat is just sixth sense! 03-11-2006
- The Tao of Geek - Never going out of style, The Tao of Geek poster still adorns the wall! 28-03-2007
- Metrophor - For the uninitiated, THAT... is a genuine Metrophor poster! 11-04-2007
- General Protection Fault - An Intelligent Slime is rare, but the same is not true about the Common Geek! 24-04-2007
- Mad Hat Comics - Vorticus jumps into the frey, giving the Droids his best licking attack! 15-09-2007
- Reasoned Cognition - Above the battlefield hovers the great lightball of the ABOL! 15-09-2007
- G for Genesis - Finally Lethe faces an opponet akin to her in skills of swordplay... Jim North! 17-09-2007
- Galaxion - Not even the Schwietzer Multiwerkzeug can tempt Laruen to a new haircut! 14-02-2009

If Then Else cameos/references can be found in:
- Evil Overlords United - Guess the EO's can learn interesting things by keeping an eye on Scott! 26-02-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Gunmetal Annie - If Mercury Hat wants a larger sample, she must buy a whole ice to get the sample...! 21-06-2005
- Digital War - War looks on in the background as samples and sizes are discussed! 21-06-2005
- Pimpette & Associates - Figures that Pimpy knows what she is doing... she doesn't have to do it! 22-06-2005
- Blackaby - Blackaby comes to the Icecreambar and gets a show of balance! 22-06-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Next K-Dawg will probably blame the sun for having melted his ice too fast! 23-06-2005
- Role of the Die - When you are going out to roleplay, a hit is seeking out Jim North to DM! 27-06-2005
- Fallen Angels Used Books - Faub mans the teleporter controls .. which accounts for the first red shirt! 06-07-2005
- Broken Glass - Ladydarke is introduced in the new group that has to help out with the rescue mission! 07-07-2005
- Burgundy Comics INC. - Captain Burgandy seems to have run into quite an encounter of the close kind! 07-07-2005
- Kisai Appreciation Site - Doctor Kisai takes good care of her patient, the wounded Captain Burgundy! 12-07-2005
- Mixed Myth - Ensign Mixed Myth becomes the last victim of the dreaded electrified stone wall! 15-07-2005
- Stalag 99 - Ensign STrRedWolf shows for several strips why he is handy to have around! 18-07-2005
- Star Bored - King Bob makes a nice impression when he explains why he wants NO visits at all! 25-07-2005
- Fallen Angels Used Books - While Henna Tattoos are made, Faub is making sketches! 16-08-2005
- Broken Glass - Ladydarke is skilled in the art of making Henna Tattoos... very skilled! 16-08-2005
- Adventurer Turned Errand Boy - Kelly is Flashdance for an extended visit culminating a month later! 06-11-2006

Fading Aura cameos/references:
- Project A.D.A.M. - Looking slightly worried, Fading Aura gathers with the other villagers! 28-08-2006
- Many Worlds - Sergeant FadingAura is ordered to send a squad out to investigate the disturbance! 01-09-2006
- The Volet - FadingAura was among the people Pete and Terra met at the Totonro convention! 26-11-2006
- Evil Overlords United - IF Fellback had found a nice catgirl... you think it would be Aura? 19-03-2007

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