I Hate You
I Hate You

- None recorded

- Royal - In the school yard we spot both Junior and Oliver Royal hanging out! 23-03-2019
- June - Looks like a certain someone snook away from June to hang out here in the yard? 23-03-2019
- Long Shot - Could it be that we spot Trisc hanging out the yard there? 23-03-2019
- Hue Are You? - One of the balls offered up for trade seems to hold a miniature Build-b! 06-10-2019

I Hate You cameos/references can be found in:
- Long Shot - If you look closely you will notice that both Momo and Kuro are hanging out on the bleachers! 08-08-2018
- Small Problem - Bryan and Izumi walk by during Aaron's pathetic try at getting a date! 11-09-2018
- Long Shot - Momo seems to have snuck in at the game's afterparty! 17-02-2019
- Royal - Momo is jail, and only by supporting Royal will you be able to get him released! 22-05-2019

Lucazu cameos/references:
- Royal - Lucazu seems to have found interest in watching the argument... along with all the other spectators! 18-04-2019

Hogan's Notes:

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