Impy and Aevy
Impy and Aevy

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- FusionD - Fusion seems to look forward to Roast Space Turkey...Yaki Soba on the other hand... 25-11-2005
- Shortpacked! - Robin and Ethan follow Aevy's Christmas antics against Santa with mixed feelings! 27-12-2005
- FusionD - Impy has a nice Fusion D Doll standing by her bed... I want one too! 24-01-2006
- Death Bunny - Bunny-plushies are always nice... but having a Death Bunny doll standing by your bed? 24-01-2006
- Perki Goth/Candi Raver - Looks like Candi has been around, doing some grafitti in the neighbourhood! 17-03-2006
- Melonpool - Is Impy reading Melonpool? Her magazine got Ralphie on the frontpage! 22-03-2006
- Count Your Sheep - Is this a manual for the sleepless? It seems to have been written by Laurie? 22-03-2006
- Funny Farm - Seems like the computer like to keep Mewn under survelliance! 28-03-2006
- Melonpool - Ralphie looks like he knows he's being watched... and doesn't like it! 28-03-2006
- Death Bunny - Clueless about her being watched, Nico is under surveillance on one of the screens! 29-03-2006
- Apple Continuum - Bang appears on a screen on the giant computer that controls Hasbeen Toys! 29-03-2006
- Everyday Stuff - Looks like the great Hasbeen computer also keeps an eye on Dave and Andew! 05-04-2006
- Homestar Runner - When Homestar Runner loads up, the computer goes down... evil plan Aevy! 05-04-2006
- PvP Online - Brent trying to pass Skull as a dog at a Dog Show? Well Spazz me! O.o! 03-05-2006
- Funny Farm - Mewn keeping Ront on a leash? Shouldn't it be the other way around? 03-05-2006
- Melonpool - Okay, technically Sam is a Dog... and his powers could become the way to win the show! 03-05-2006
- Lancaster The Ghost Detective - Lancaster has taken a seat among the Dog Show's spectators! 08-05-2006
- Treasure Hunters - Interesting that Domino is among the spectators to the Great Dog Show! 08-05-2006
- Quarters - For reasons unknown, Hammer has taken a liking to watch the Dog Show! 08-05-2006
- Death Bunny - Both Nico and Death Bunny have taken a seat among the audience at the Dog-show! 10-05-2006
- Shortpacked! - Amber sits among the audience to the Dog-show, wearing an impish smile! 10-05-2006
- FusionD - Wonder what could interest Fusion enough at a dog show to have her show up? 10-05-2006
- Quarters - Spike must also have taken a liking to dog-shows, cause he too is there among the audience! 10-05-2006
- Death Bunny - Nico is a straight A student and a rabbit? Well, thats true... but she is the wrong comic! 24-05-2006
- Sub-Culture - Jen has every right to be offended when mice are generalized as scared! 29-05-2006
- FusionD - Wonder where Aevy got a FusionD book? But it CAN be found in her shelf! 14-07-2006
- Melonpool - You can see Aevy has good taste, she has a Melonpool book in her collection! 14-07-2006
- Shortpacked! - Aevy has a Shortpacked book on the shelves... and it isn't even out yet! 14-07-2006
- FusionD - Looks like someone has had their fun with drawing Fusion D on the blackboard! 21-08-2006
- Shortpacked! - Somebody has had their fun and made a drawing of Robin on the blackboard! 23-08-2006
- Apple Continuum - Impy+Bang? Say, are there somebody trying so set up something? 23-08-2006
- Treasure Hunters - Domino has obviously been chosen for putting name to a soundsystem! 08-09-2006
- Apple Continuum - Junko is among the rest of the class, watching the trial take shape! 25-08-2006
- Funny Farm - Somebody had gotten hold of the chalk and drawn Ront's silhuet on the blackboard! 11-09-2006
- Funny Farm - At the mentioning of the special word of the day, Mewn jumps up in joy! 15-09-2006
- Sam & Fuzzy - Sam merrily jumps up to join the dumb-chorus in the class! 15-09-2006
- Melonpool - A little Mayberry Melonpool doll is to be found on one of Impy's shelves! 18-12-2006
- Quarters - On Impy's toyshelf, a small figure of Hammer can be found! 18-12-2006
- Quarters - Among the many dolls in the window of the toystore, is one of Spike! 20-12-2006
- Deathbunny - And the egg goes to... Deathbunny! Who know enters the comic permanently! 28-02-2007
- FusionD - Its a... special performance between a girl and her forcefield, and Yaki sees it all! 06-04-2007
- Quaters - Hammer looks too shocked to even more from watching the performance in front of him! 06-04-2007
- Shortpacked - Robin must have taken the day off from the store to be and watch the spectacle! 06-04-2007
- Funny Farm - Mewn looks in wonder at the strange spectacle being provided by the newsgirl! 06-04-2007
- Shinku - Robbie is one of the many stunned spectators watching the newsgirls'... interesting performance! 06-04-2007
- Girly - The strange performance in front of her is enough to keep Collete speechless! 06-04-2007
- Shortpacked - Heeeeeey! It looks like the library has the very rare Shortpacked 1st edition on its shelves! 02-05-2007
- Hsu and Chan - The printed edition of Hsu and Chan is finally out, and the library has it! 02-05-2007
- Melonpool - Important information must wait, Impy has to check up for lifesigns from Melonpool first! 07-05-2007
- Shortpacked - Looks like Amber doesn't exactly feel like the right person to ask for advice! 15-10-2007
- Melonpool - Mayberry has been caught in his fleeing motion in the poster on Aevy's wall! 14-12-2007
- Shortpacked - A poster with the major SP-Cast adorns the walls in Aevy's room! 14-12-2007
- Lancaster the Ghost Detective - Looks like Lancaster and Terry have been in need of a new job! 28-01-2008
- Treasure Hunters - Puzzled Domino watches Death Bunny being assulted by a talking TV! 08-02-2008
- Lancaster the Ghost Detective - Illeana looks through the hole in the wall, surprised over the happenings! 08-02-2008
- Cosmic Dash - Dash just GOT to have a look through the hole and see the drama in the cafeteria! 08-02-2008
- All Over Migglie - Migglie looks pretty much in shock over seeing a TV beating up a black rabbit! 08-02-2008

Impy & Aevy cameos/references can be found in:
- Perki Goth/Candi Raver - Both Aevy and Impy have tried their hands at the grafitti... their own style! 25-01-2006
- Everyday Stuff - Both Impy & Aevy are standing in front of Dave & Andrew in the queue! 07-04-2006
- Lacaster: The Ghost Detective - The bios file on Pembroke as he will be once joining up in Lancaster! 26-02-2007
- The Dementia of Magic - On one of the coathangers we find a pretty good replica of Impy's hat! 25-05-2007
- Lancaster: The Ghost Detective - Pembroke shows up in the crowd mesmerized listening to the puppy ! 04-03-2008
- Femmegasm - The toyline on the shelf also contains a figure of Princess Preti Evil! 06-11-2008
- Femmegasm - On the shelf in the pirateshop we find a nice figurine of Jazzy! 13-11-2008
- Femmegasm - In the nightstand table near her bed, Shelly has a Jazz doll standing! 15-09-2009

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Girly - Josh lets the wind play with his hair while on the beach! 04-01-2006
- Floyd - Dave Flodine enjoys his time at the beach, showing off! 04-01-2006
- Shortpacked! - Looks like David Willis really has quite a fangirl in Impy! Scary...!13-02-2006
- No Stereotypes - Amber Glych Greelee is the secretary at Hasbeen Toys who welcomes Impy! 28-03-2006
- Perki Goth/Candi Raver - Jim "Mutt" Tarpley does the commentaries for the Annual Dog Talent Show! 05-05-2006
- Megatokyo - What a fate for a depressed artist! Eaten by Sku... ehh, a dog at a Dog Show! 05-05-2006
- Labgoats - It's great to be a judge at a Dog Show! Petie Shumate even gets his taxes done! 05-05-2006
- Mad About U - One of the judges, Teague Tysseling, falls victims to Sams mental powers! 08-05-2006
- Lancaster The Ghost Detective - Poinko? Was the soundeffect really "Poinko" as in a certain nickname? 29-05-2006
- Apple Continuum - The box must have contained a project that Green Wiggly was advertising for! 13-09-2006
- Everyday Stuff - So the box has contained Atomic Vegetables? Does that include a David Flodine? 22-09-2006
- Girl Robot - Petie's Shoe Mates? Wonder what Petie Shumate thinks of that? 27-09-2006
- Apple Continuum - Looks like Green Wiggly has become a doll that can be bought in the toystore! 20-12-2006
- Apple Continuum - Green Wiggly is present at the the newsgirls'... performance for open camera! 06-04-2007
- Apple Continuum - It appears that Green Wiggly has been around the girls' bathroom to add his grafitti! 10-10-2007
- Apple Continuum - Green Wiggly is lucky enought to get a peek at the bathing scene across the fence! 17-10-2007

Robbie "Yamcha Hibiki/Yammy" Allen cameos/references:
- Funny Farm - Figures Yamcha would be checking out the local catgirl! 27-10-2002
- Basil Flint P.I - You bet Robbie is right! There IS something in the ducts, something... secret? 24-03-2003
- Floyd - Robbie Allen (with the hat) visits in several strips the rock-concert i St. Louis! 16-07-2004
- Felicity Flint - Robbie provides comments on the uneven battle between Felicity and a henchman! 03-02-2005

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