I, Mummy
I, Mummy

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- Steampunk Gorgon - At one point it looks like Mr. Lewis killed Uncle Greedy and put him in a barrel! 01-10-2014
- Kyria - Xerxes was one day carrying home a package when Mr. Lewis gutted and killed him! 01-10-2014
- GROOVY, KINDA - Mr. Lewis chloroformed Stephanie from behind and killed her once upon a time! 01-10-2014
- Elsewhere - You might not recognize them, but that's Bob's feet going into a shallow grave there! 01-10-2014
- M9 Girls - Pato was out of luck the day she was killed by Mr. Lewis! 01-10-2014
- Magic Scienceland - Not much luck for Captain Wizard, burnt to death by Mr. Lewis! 01-10-2014
- Vatican Assassins - Looks like Flute has been put on guard duty on behalf of the Royal Guards! 23-10-2014
- The Demon Archives - Nice of them to have the maid give Royal Guard Tenzin a hot drink on a cold night! 23-10-2014
- The Schlub - In the second panel we have none other than the Schlub photobombing the news cast! 29-01-2015
- Daddy's Girl - Andy looks down from the wall at the burning wreckage in the water! 29-01-2015
- GROOVY, KINDA - Toivo can't tell Jane where Madame Simza is, but he would like to sell her one if he could! 14-05-2015
- Area 42 - Is that a Subject M doll that streetseller has in his tray? Hurry! Buy it! 14-05-2015
- M9 Girls - In the crowded streets we easily spot none other that Pato! 18-05-2015
- Vatican Assassins - Looks like the unlucky trio is still trying to find their way home, walking the streets with a map! 18-05-2015
- Ariane Eldar - Private - Looks like Ariane Eldar has taken to the stage to talk to the crowd! 18-05-2015
- October 20th - Looks like officer Shields McKloskey has caught both Lewis and Jane at gunpoint! 28-05-2015

I, Mummy cameos/references can be found in:
- Princess Chroma - There's no way you can NOT notify Jane lining up there for autographed books! 10-12-2014
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Among the spectators to the the latest show of the Bloody Tongue we spot Jane Webb! 26-12-2014
- Ruby Nation - Sir Ezra Tyree, fully bearded up, is guarding the surrendering captures! 18-04-2015
- Princess Chroma - Tonight Jane has volunteered to help feed the hungry in the world! Bonus Reel 12-07-2015
- Nate the Robot - Just at the edge of the second-to-top shelf in the office, we spot a rare I, Mummy figurine! 16-09-2015
- Autumn Bay - Figures it takes a special bookshop with rare issues to have I, Mummy the Comic for sale! 27-12-2015
- The Uncontrollable Wreck-Lass - Is... Jane here to turn in an orphan or to turn herself in? 09-01-2018

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- How We Stay Sane @ Work - Poor ProjectShiro, a shallow grave for you after being killed by Mr. Lewis! 01-10-2014

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