- None recorded

- Imagine This - I could really imagine Imy educating people on Light Pollution with an image of Clovis on her shirt! 08-02-2013

Imy cameos/references can be found in:
- Times Like This - Cassie has just discovered the webcomic of Imy and wants to show it off to Bethany! 21-11-2008
- Legend of Bill - Ooh... I did the Imy outfit on Gina! It may be a tad mordern perhaps, but it looks good! 07-01-2010
- Ginger's Bread - Imy is strolling around during the Street Festival, taking in the sights with awe! 10-09-2010
- Ginger's Bread - Imy is all eager to get her hands at the saffron buns... Ginger just want to get a hand on her money! 13-12-2010
- Times Like This - Looking for good sights in Stockholm, Matt and Bethany get served by none other than Imy! 05-09-2013

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