- None recorded

- Zap! - Gauron T is obviously referring to Zap and Reona! 11-08-2004
- Brunswick - Brunswick & Fitz can be seen touring the busy spaceport streets with map at hand! 24-11-2004
- Zap! - Zap & Reona are also part of the busy dailyday that is the way of a spaceport! 24-11-2004
- Soul-d - Bernadette walks the streets of the spaceport as one of the many visitors! 24-11-2004
- Terminal - Nina can also be spotted in the busy streets among many other races! 24-11-2004
- Spades - Even among the many different races in the street, Kanon is easily spotted! 24-11-2004
- HOUSD - Cubert is also trying to find his way through the packed streets! 24-11-2004
- Timescapes - Jenna and the green hair of Raigi can be spotted among the crowd in the streets! 24-11-2004
- A Miracle of Science - The purple ship barely spotted, is the Martian Ship from MoS! 24-11-2004

Indavo cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - Out in space, there's no mistaken the Adventurer crossing the ships course! 12-12-2007

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