Indifferently Evil
Indifferently Evil

- None recorded

- The KAMics - Gertrude and Brunhilda are having a great time at the Orgy Land Amusement Park! Strip 429

Indifferently Evil cameos/references can be found in:
- The Apple of Discord - One could wonder what Max has said that needed to be muted! 18-04-2008
- Married to a Transformers Fan - After seeing the Slime&Tentacly toy in action, Kifler SO wants it for his girlfriend! 31-05-2016
- Married to a Transformers Fan - If you want customized adorable horrifying things made, Fodd is the one to go see! 07-06-2016
- Married to a Transformers Fan - Off course Fodd would be all ready to start up a game of battle and destruction... even with toy props! 28-06-2016
- Married to a Transformers Fan - Maxine and Phil are playing the Kaiju Monster War Battle Royale... in style! 11-08-2016
- The KAMics - I bet Phil has a very good idea of what happens when the queen runs out of armor to throw! 14-12-2017

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