- None recorded

- Darken - Even in the weirdest and scarriest of places, "Emancipo" opens the doors! #28
- Burgundy Comics, INC - CJ takes the role as the receptionist in the dark creepy room! #30
- Angry D. Monkey - Ton has become a cute little plushy doll on the receptionist's table! #30
- Cortland - In the streets of hell, Cortland walks by our girls, heading in the opposite direction! #88
- Elf Only Inn - Wearing his usual badass expression, Duke can be spotted walking the streets! #88

Inhumation cameos/references can be found in:
- P.S.I. - In the EO-Dungeons the P.S.I-cast found and liberated, among others, Kame! 02-01-2008

Carl A. Schulz IV (IVstudios) cameos/references:
- Atavism - Ivstudios looks with slightly surprised at the wounded man running past! 27-03-2006
- Angry D. Monkey - Ivy Studios, in reality IVstudios, is the Treasurer for the League of Nations! 18-11-2005

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